Your Zone


Please contact your assigned Deacon concerning prayer requests, illness and bereavement. Each member has been assigned a zone based on the member’s home address zip-code.



Zone Chart
  Zone 1 Zone 2 Zone 3 Zone 4  
  Deacon Derek Gilchrist Deacon Derek Gilchrist Deacon Thomas Blevins Deacon Curtis Daniels  
  Deacon James Rogers Deacon Dave Brown Deacon Andrew Hardwick Deacon Moze Howze  
  Deacon Dave Pugh Deacon Eugene Riley Deacon Joseph Nash Deacon Ulysses Nelson  
  Deacon Nate Garner Deacon Thomas Taylor Deacon Howard King Deacon Collin Smiley  
  Deacon James Belton Deacon Errol Thompson Deacon Kenny Strong Deacon Henry Carter  
  Deacon Michael Jackson Deacon Ken Foster Deacon Ron Jones Deacon Charles Porter  
  Deacon Albert Lewis Deacon Greg Rudolph      
    Deacon Corey Jackson      
    Deacon Ramsey Bowman      
  Zip Code Zip Code Zip Code Zip Code  
  36043 36108 36116 36117  
  36064 36109      
  36093 36110      
  36104 36111      
  36105 36114