Health and Welfare Ministry

Chairperson: Sister Betty Carter


Mission Statement

      "Vision Statement": To strive to meet the spiritual, social, health and financial needs of members within the Beulah Baptist Church family and the surrounding communities by providing Christ-centered, loving outreach that promotes the individual's overall well being. 

      Rev. Osby puts it best in his, Beulah Baptist Church Vision Statement for Year 2004 and Beyond when he says, "It is critical... that we become proactive to get involved evangelistically and socially with our community both in the home and in the schools, spreading the Gospel and helping them to revive and thrive. They need to know that GOD cares and we care about them.  This effort will be challenging, since, as we aforementioned, many of our congregation do not reside in these communities and thus may not feel any obligation to them."

      To meet the challenge that Pastor Osby outlines above we must first resolve to care, not just about our Beulah Church family, but everyone that calls or comes by seeking help; to everyone that we reach out to through the Health and Welfare Ministry; and make no mistake, this is not another committee, but a ministry.  We should seek to reach out to all that come to us with the hope and Gospel of Christ.  We have to move past our self-righteousness, self-awareness, self-importance and realize that there, but for the grace of GOD go I.  We can no longer deny that we live in perilous and precarious times, but those that we assist must leave feeling that they have been loved and helped.


  October 2020  
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